Face Rubbed In Ass And Squirt

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Miss Corey, ever the disciplinarian, isn’t amused when boy makes a big wet mess on the couch by making her squirt a huge gush of GIRL JIZZ. Click for FULL VIDEO from Squirt Choking Domination.

:  Watching TV.. ON YOUR FACE

Watching TV.. ON YOUR FACE

Miss Kelsey decides it time for her to watch a bit of TV...

:  Lick your JIZZ off my PUSSY

Lick your JIZZ off my PUSSY

After allowing the wormy Lazy Boy to ejaculate in her mouth, Miss Kelsey wipes his spunk on her pussy and makes him lick it off!

:  Addison Value Pack 2

Addison Value Pack 2

:  Eat ASS can't breathe!

Eat ASS can't breathe!

Miss Ashley is having too much fun and gets rather carried away on this one!

: Squirt choke beer bong

Squirt choke beer bong

Looking for yet more ways to punish her ever suffering pet boy, Tiffany first rides the poor toad while mocking him with his own beer bong (the boy's in college, you know how they are) After making fun of him and having her own fun, Tiff stands up and squirts out a gusher right into the funnel, which in turn goes down the pipe which is stuck in boy's....

: Tiffany Chokes her bitch boy

Tiffany Chokes her bitch boy

Bossy Tiffany is not pleased with her boy!