Jenna Cant Take It

Young, sexy ebony Jenna J. Foxx overheard JW and Camille talking about tickling her and admitted to us that she used to hate it when her friends in school used to tickle her. Wrong thing for her to say
to two people who absolutely LOVE tickling people. Camille tricked Jenna into putting on some sexy lingerie for her for a ‘girl/girl scene’ and was so excited she didn’t even bother asking why she
was being tied down. Once we got her tied to the rack that’s when Camille dropped the ball and little miss Jenna started laughing before Camille even touched her!Camille didn’t want to waste any time
showing Jenna just how fun, sexy and orgasmic tickling can be so she went right for the ! Tickling Jenna from her neck to her sexy soles Jenna couldn’t help but smile and laugh but when Camille pulled
out the hitachi Jenna really started seeing first hand why tickling was so much fun! After several minutes of working Jenna’s soaking wet pussy she let out a loud moaning letting Camille know that
she just had one awesome orgasm! After going back to tickling Jenna’s post orgasm sensitive body for a little JW came in wanting to have a little fun himself! Needless to say before Jenna left our
set she told us how much she loved it and how it was her favorite part of the day! Looks like Camille and JW will have to tagteam tickle her for real next time!

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