Kendra James And Alexis Grace – Belly Loving Roomates Part 1

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Kendra James and Alexis Grace are both relaxing on there day off watching tv. Kendra is bored and tells Alexis that she knows of something fun they can do.. She stretches out and points down at her sexy little belly button.. Kendra has a sexy little belly button and flawless soft skin, Alexis loves licking Kendra’s sweet little belly button so right away Alexis climbs on top of Kendra and starts by teasing around the outside of Kendra’s belly button. Kendra’s belly button is so sensitive that her stomach muscles tighten up and she gets so turned on just by Alexis tongue licking around the outside of her belly button. Alexis continues to lick and tease driving Kendra crazy. Alexis stretches out Kendra’s tiny little belly button and gets her tongue deep inside hitting Kendra’s spot, after getting it nice and wet she fingers Kendras little sexy belly button until Kendra’s ribs jut out as she has a very erotic intense orgasm. Click for FULL VIDEO from Bellybutton Babes.