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Lilly Ligotage showed up very cocky for her ‘forced orgasm’ clip. She does a lot of mainstream porn and didn’t seem to ‘get it’. I figured it would be fun to show her how Hitatchi and orgasms can be real torture! But she said she NEVER has too much. Really? I thought as I prepped my modified Hitatchi along with regular Hitatchi. First she’s tied down to D-rings screwed to a board for precise positioning. Neck rope, waist rope, thigh rope, wrists at sides and her foot tied overhead. I want her immobilized but not TOO uncomfortable. I don’t want the bondage to be the reason the scene ends. I start slapping, pinching, and generally enjoying her body. Then begin frigging…lots of G-spot stimulation and she is a happy slut. Next the regular Hitatchi and she’s in heaven. I let her enjoy a few quick orgasms (I can see now why she got into porn!!) Then it starts getting a little rougher. The inflatable dick on a stick pounds her pussy for a while…more Hitatchi… Then I pull out the Leto Special…an overpowered classic Hitatchi with the padding replaced with a thin layer of vinyl so pretty much the metal head directly pounds her clit. She likes it! Then it goes inside and she loves it. Time to get serious, one Hitatchi on the clit and one on the G-spot….Most girls safeword as soon as that happens but a few like it for a minute or three…. She just settles in more and rides those orgasms. Impossible! How many? Who knows. So I get more and more violent on her pussy….in total for about 48 minutes which I edited down ‘for brevity’. This girl won’t tap out!!! She’s drenched in sweat and pussy juice, hoarse from straining her neck, and her pussy is swollen and red. Last ditch effort I pinch her purple clit, peel back the hood, and rub the SuperHitatchi fast and hard…. Beg me to stop? No, instead she squirts. She didn’t mention she squirts… Because she doesn’t. This was her first time ever squirting on camera and she never thought she could. It won’t be the last. This is a long video with closeups and a tiny bit of behind the scenes to set the stage. I’m pricing it as a shorter video because that’s what it was supposed to be 😉 Two of my three cameras had quit by the time she squirted and I ‘threw in the towel’ but luckily I did get it on camera. If you like watching girls cum hard, this video is for you! Click for FULL VIDEO from Fringe Productions.