Mandy Candy In Go Down On My Belly Button!

Here we are with Doctor Bob, who continues with his treatment by going down on his sexy patient Mandy Candy! As he started to spread his sexy gal’s belly button she was really
feeling it but now she wanted him to go down on her and that is exactly what he does as its his specialty. As soon as he put his tongue into her perfect belly button she was totally moaning for him,
it was a feeling that felt amazing to her as no one else ever done this to her. The more he licked her belly button the more she felt better and of course very horny too. She even started to wrap her
hand around his head as she wanted him to stay down on her belly button and don’t stop until she’s ready. Of course the naughty doctor knew exactly what to do as he is the professional here and he
knew the more time he spent on her belly button that he would be getting her off very soon. Mandy knew what was coming as she was so turned on from all this belly button licking and soon enough she
totally got off from this doctor’s special oral technique that she’ll be sure to tell her girlfriends about too! 

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